Communal Table Concept

Community table

Eat to Meet brings people together at the table. But Why? And what exactly is a communal table? Why should I take a seat? I’ll explain.

If you’re feeling adventurous, or even a bit more social than usual, a communal table dinner might be just what you need.


What is a communal table exactly?

Picture a big table of 6-8 seats with various people at the table, who just met each other and are sharing the same space. Instead of everybody eating at his or her own smaller table, there is one large table where everybody sits with the people they came with/alone, but they share their table with strangers.

Why should you try it?

It adds an extra spice to your meal, making it more social. Eating at a communal table is different, it’s trendy! Having dinner at a communal table gives you the feeling of a Sunday night family dinner, where everybody is encouraged to get to know each other better, chat, or just enjoy being around a group of people. You might meet another enthousiast of your favorite band here, or your new best friend! And don’t worry, you don’t have to share your food. So do you want to be part of a dinner, then directly go to our communal tables or subscribe and we’ll keep you up to date. If you’re still not convinced, please read further!

Pleasure of Company

Josimar Meto writes about his experience of eating in a very good restaurant with a guy who had lots of money but no taste. He had the worst lunch ever. Why? The food was good, but the company and conversation were terrible. The person you share your meal with adds spice to the gathering. Usually when you try to relive memorable meals the first things that come to mind are the laughter, the atmosphere and the people who gathered around the table. Few people recall the exact menu or the wines served but most can tell you with some precise what was discussed. Eating together provides a common universe, a moment where conversations are lubricated by food and drink. Eating together offers intimacy. Food is nothing if it isn’t Shared.

How do you select the right table?

Sharing food with people you choose is to share happiness and sharing experiences with strangers isn’t so easy, this is why we have founded the Eat To Meet communal table concept that allows you to pick your own table with people you might like! This is why you and others have a profile. Based on the people that will sit around the table your decision is been made to either not take the seat or take the seat!

Still not convinced?

The experience of a shared meal improves our quality of life and brings us closer to our peers. Let’s give it a try! If you wanna be part of the first dinner, then quickly subscribe at since we invite our fans to the first table very soon!

One last thing: Spread the word!

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